10 Best JEE/NEET Coaching in Kanpur [year]

10 Best JEE/NEET Coaching in Kanpur 2024

If you’re a student in Kanpur aiming to crack the JEE or NEET exams, you’ve probably realized how crucial it is to find the right coaching center.

With so many options out there, it can be pretty overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We’ve put together a list of the top 10 coaching institutes in Kanpur for 2024 that excel in preparing students for these challenging exams.

Whether you’re looking for experienced faculty, excellent study material, or a supportive learning environment, our list has something for everyone. So, let’s explore and find the perfect place to kickstart your journey to success!

Best JEE/NEET Coaching in Kanpur 2024

I and I Institute

I and I Institute Kakadeo 1

I and I Institute, located near Kulwanti Hospital in Ambedkar Nagar, Navin Nagar, Kakadeo, Kanpur, is renowned for its exceptional faculty and quality education. This coaching center is one of the best in Kanpur, attracting students who seek top-notch instruction.

The faculty members are highly intellectual and extremely helpful, ensuring a supportive learning environment. Among the standout instructors is Anil Tripathi, widely regarded as one of the best physics teachers.

His expertise and teaching style significantly enhance the learning experience for students. Another exemplary educator at I and I Institute is Arun Tomar, the best chemistry teacher in Kanpur.

His dedication to teaching is unmatched, and his innovative methods make complex concepts easy to understand. Arun Tomar’s passion and effectiveness in teaching have earned him a stellar reputation among students.

Aakash Institute

Aakash Institute, Kakadeo 1

Aakash Institute in Navin Nagar, Kakadeo, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, is famous for Its result-oriented coaching for JEE and NEET.

The institute offers all-round study materials and has a panel of highly qualified faculty members teaching the learners.

Teaching people at Aakash aims to bring out the best in a student and has been very encouraging throughout the lessons. Tests and feedback sessions serve as indicators of progress needed to be made and necessary corrective action taken to keep the students on the right track.

The institute’s academics are good, and there is ample preparation for the competitive examinations. The faculty members are also knowledgeable and very cooperative, thus making the learning environment very encouraging.

Vishnoi Classes

Vishnoi Classes pvt ltd kanpur Cover Photo

According to the large number of students, Vishnoi Classes, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, is the best IIT preparation coaching institute. It provides quality education through well-qualified, experienced, and enthusiastic teachers.

Students aspiring to take the JEE will particularly benefit from it because they can clear their doubts every day for half an hour before or after class. The lecturers are highly experienced, and the staff’s friendliness, along with their vast knowledge and experience, makes them very proficient.

The academic atmosphere is friendly and non-poisonous; however, the crowd tends to get carried away, which is quite taxing on the teachers’ patience.

Among the faculty, there is a teacher who can be pointed to be different from the rest due to his style of teaching, his low profile and his tall appearance make him easily recognizable in the school city of Kanpur.


IITIAN DREAMS Kidwai Nagar Cover Photo

IITIAN DREAMS is one of the best coaching institutes in JEE Main & Advanced, NEET/AIPMT, B. ARCH & B. PHARM. The institute has the best teachers who are very much sympathetic and cordial to students making the environment befitting for the learners.

The note sheets, home assignments, chapter-wise modules, and worksheets are better than what is provided at other coaching centers in the neighborhood. This makes IITIAN DREAMS a reliable option for students and parents.

It offers good quality teaching, especially in mathematics and physics; a strong indicator of effective teaching and learning is implemented.

Besides, one more significant principle is the focus on the student, the alleged individualization of training and education. In conclusion, IITIAN DREAMS takes a prideful position among the leading institutes for preparation for the JEE; providing a favorable environment to learn with the best available teaching resources.

Kalrashukla Classes

Kalrashukla Classes Govind Nagar Kanpur Cover Photo

Kalrashukla Classes is one of the finest options for JEE and NEET coaching preparations as a coaching institute.

The institute has employed some of the most dedicated teachers who assure individual attention to every learner. Kalrashukla Classes of Jhalawar is one of the well-known institutes in Rajasthan that has shown excellent performance in JEE and NEET examinations; hence, it is beneficial for schools to tie up with Kalrashukla Classes to prepare their students for competitive examinations, especially for IIT and medical.

Friendly and committed, the faculty and staff ensure students experience the best learning atmosphere. It comes with benefits as the institute provides a complete solution for all study materials and has a hygienic and disciplined environment that can help enhance the concentration level among the students.

Prerit classes

Prerit classes Kidwai Nagar Cover Photo

Among all these coaching institutes, Prerit Classes is well-known for targeting primarily JEE Advanced and NEET exam takers and specializes in Chemistry coaching in Kidwai Nagar.

Chemistry is well covered every week in the institute, and the learning environment they create is impressive. The prime focus may be the quality time that the instructors invest in their classes and the students’ always ensuring that they give their best shot to ensure that everyone gets a command of the lessons being taught.

The classes presented within the topic are interesting and diverse, and all the doubts are explained quickly and smoothly. Yogesh sir specializes in teaching chemistry, he makes teachers the subject interesting so much so that even students do not get bored learning from them.

Thus, Prerit Chemistry Classes emerges as one of the premier coaching centers that not only torment the learners but also help them understand chemistry concepts effectively.

Knowledge 360

Located in Coaching Mandi near Pooranchandra Vidya Niketan of coaching, Knowledge 360 is famous for its expert teachers who are building the future for their students.

The best teaching faculty of the institute makes the students comfortable in inculcating what they have learned. From my perspective, it is advisable to recommend it to those who value their academic achievements and aim for successful performance at the highest level.

From the interface perspective, Knowledge 360 portrays an experienced and calm environment, which makes it conducive to learning. Students learn from well-experienced teachers who help remove their confusion by providing enough clarification throughout the lessons.

It contributes to developing a conducive learning environment by improving the student’s academic experience. Knowledge 360 is thus praised for working hard to ensure that all institution students are given the best so they can be shown the best part of themselves.

Partha Institute

partha institute kanpur

Partha Institute is recognized as one of Kanpur’s premier IIT coaching centers. Boasting expert tutors and a supportive learning environment, it stands out for its commitment to student success.

With personalized attention and comprehensive resources, students are well-equipped for engineering entrance exams. Highly recommended for those aiming to crack their IIT entrance exams, Partha Institute offers a golden opportunity to excel academically.

Teachers at Partha Institute excel in explaining topics clearly, often providing extra classes and dedicated doubt-solving sessions to ensure student understanding. Notably, Manish sir is hailed as the top math teacher in Kakadeo, Kanpur, further enhancing the institute’s reputation.

For those seeking quality coaching for JEE Main and IIT Advanced, Partha Institute is an invaluable choice. It provides the guidance and support needed for success.

Study Well Institute

STUDY WELL INSTITUTE Damodar Nagar Cover Photo

Study Well Institute is hailed as the best coaching center in South Kanpur. With a team of well-experienced faculty members, the institute offers top-notch education.

Teachers are not only highly intelligent but also excel in delivering comprehensible lessons. Students are encouraged to join Study Well Institute for its state-of-the-art facilities, including digital smart classrooms, CCTV cameras ensuring security, and fully air-conditioned rooms for a comfortable learning environment.

The institute provides the best faculty for physics, chemistry, and mathematics, ensuring comprehensive subject coverage. Other facilities, such as RO water and excellent seating arrangements, further enhance the learning experience.

Teachers at Study Well Institute are praised for their exceptional nature and very good behavior, making it a highly recommended choice for students seeking quality education and a supportive learning atmosphere.

Workspace Institutions

Workspace Institutions For IIt Jee Kidwai Nagar Cover Photo

Nirman Classes for IIT JEE prep is famous and regarded as the best compared to other institutes. In the question, faculty means the staff of the workplace, and in this case, they foster an excellent work climate and space that supports learning.

Teachers are very social, and since there are few students in the classes, the teachers get to teach every learner. This helps ensure that every student’s need is met in the classroom, hence increasing learning.

This institution mainly focuses on quality education with an environment that is conducive to preparation for the IIT JEE.

Students are eager to learn with the presented approaches and learn that they can ask questions whenever they are not sure.

The institute’s commitment to its ability to create the right atmosphere in coaching makes it among the best coaching centers for IIT JEE in Kanpur.


What criteria were used to select the top 10 coaching institutes in Kanpur?

The institutes were selected based on factors such as success rates, faculty expertise, teaching methodologies, student reviews, and past performance.

Are these coaching institutes suitable for both JEE and NEET preparation?

Yes, all of the listed institutes offer coaching for both JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) and NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test).

Do these institutes provide online coaching options?

Many of these institutes offer online coaching programs along with traditional classroom courses. However, the availability of online options may vary.

What are the class sizes like at these coaching institutes?

Class sizes may vary from institute to institute. Some may offer smaller, more personalized classes, while others may have larger groups.

Do these institutes provide study materials and practice tests?

Yes, most of these coaching institutes provide comprehensive study materials, practice tests, and mock exams to help students prepare effectively.

How can I enroll in one of these coaching institutes?

Enrollment procedures may differ for each institute. For enrollment details, you can typically visit their websites, contact them directly, or visit their physical locations.

Do these institutes offer any trial classes or demo sessions?

Some institutes may offer trial classes or demo sessions to give prospective students a glimpse of their teaching style and environment. It’s advisable to inquire about this directly with the institutes.


So, there you have it, folks! We’ve rounded up the top 10 JEE/NEET coaching institutes in Kanpur for 2024. Whether you’re aiming to crack the tough nut of JEE or NEET, these institutes offer top-notch guidance and support to help you achieve your goals.

From the renowned I and I Institute to the trusted Workspace Institutions for IIT JEE, Kanpur has a plethora of options. Each institute offers its own unique teaching methodologies, experienced faculty, and success stories.

Whether you’re looking for a rigorous classroom program or prefer the flexibility of online coaching, there’s something for everyone on this list. So, if you’re a JEE or NEET aspirant in Kanpur, rest assured that you’re in good hands with any of these top 10 coaching institutes.

Now, it’s time to buckle down, put in the hard work, and pave your way to success with the help of these esteemed institutes. Good luck on your journey towards success in JEE or NEET!

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